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In use of this site, information is collected to ensure no abuse of the service or its access for domestic users and intended audiences. Persons outside of Okalhoma or using the site exponentially may be examined, and abusive information may be shared where it impacts service with necessary audiences to prove trends and identify abusers. Forged user data is very possible, so no assertion that such information is a positive identification of the source is express or implied. This information is gathered purely to reduce misuse of Internet services and to validate and assist other users in protection of access and utility for local and regional audiences. Private information such as email address, user names, personal information in registered accounts, and other communications are not shared with any 3rd party or public, excluding necessary use for law enforcement in cases of intentional threat or violence obligating disclosure.

No guarantee of privacy is thus made, where the management determine a public threat of safety or impairment of use or benefit or security is present. This does not mean we do not protect or secure information granted to the site, but do not condone and will not protect abuse of the service or site or any person on it for any reason of presumed privacy.

Terms of Service and Use

Present use in any form is restricted to Oklahoma State Law and United States Federal Law. Disability access will be facilitiated by telephone support, as not all device formats are suitable for all broad access needs - we believe in human support.

Retention for use other than by academic private publication for registered firms internal reference, is prohibited. Fair Use does not afford abuse or hate speech or other use of images, text, or contents herein without the permission of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in explicit term written agreement and to purpose of use.

What are "Mature Community" Systems

Systems built for a mature commercial society, much like the Sanhedrin of Jewish tradition, which means "to sit with", we facilitate a process of parlimentary service tools which let persons in "deliberate assemblies" carry out orderly busienss in an agreed system. Roberts Rules of Order (RONR, 12th Ed) is the model for this product, featuring systems for public communication and deliberation similar to United Stats Congress or British Parliment among private groups and small organizations.

These tools are used with AM24 broadcasting platforms to facilitate very large audiences in H.264, H.265, and H.266 video streaming and media production for Small Operation Home Office (SOHO) environments. These tool sets also support RTMP, sRTMP, and HLS protocols for common media sites and mass communication by individual content creators. Our specialization is Oklahoma Law and Rights themed in Article II and XXIII rules of special publication themed public dialog and political speech.

We welcome persons of all faiths, cultures, and belief systems. Unlike some societies, we do not elect members as superior partners and assert that "The Dignity of One is the Dignity of All."

Therefore, an injury to the dignity of anyone is an offense against the dignity of everyone in our community at Seven Alpha™.

The Highest Value of the Seven Alpha™ community is the Dignity of the One, which is the ideal Dignity and place in society afforded to any person - for which the sum of our society is committed defense against the threat to this authority bestowed on each individual member and living thing. Membership does not represent privilege. Membership is duty to the purpose of the One in all things, a choice of service for which nothing is in-consideration this honor duly owed. This belief arises from Oklahoma's "Inherent Rights" and their origin in the Chickasaw, Cherokee, Choctaw, Citizen Potawatami, and Apache People who made this State of Oklahoma. The firm is formed by ethnic children sold in adoption who survived and returend to the community. The community is dedicated to combating human trafficking, forced labor, debt bondage and racism.


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A legal division of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma (USA).

How Do I Find out if a Firm is Real?

The Oklahoma Secretary of State shows the registration of all real companies and registered ficticious names. You can search for an entity. We are - in fact - real, and have been for a very long time. You can confirm our Legal In-Use existence with the Oklahoma Government Website. Trademarks are state-by-state and do not entitle a firm in Poland to pre-emptively take our name or mark just because of a video game that comes into creation after our prior REGISTERED name is in use or in our industry code styled as a popular item in literature then later exposed to the public. We are registration filing no 3500606128.